Friday, December 2, 2016

Our New Water Trail Guide is Now Available!

Several years in the making, the brand new A Paddler's Guide to the Schuylkill River is now available for purchase exclusively through the Schuylkill River Heritage Area. This comprehensive Guide, printed on waterproof, highly-durable synthetic stock, was written and designed to help the first-time visitor or the seasoned Schuylkill veteran discover, explore, and enjoy this remarkable river and its riverside communities and attractions. Get your copy today! All this for only $40.00 (includes PA sales tax)! 10% discount for SRHA members*.

Fold-out table on inside front cover gives at-a-glance info on landings

The Guide Booklet:
• 7” wide x 12.25” high (when closed)   
• Fold-out table on inside front cover: “Landings: River Access, Amenities & Services” provides details about all of the water trail’s 38 official landings ... all in one place.
• Tabbed chapters: “Welcome/Schuylkill Today” (2 pages) is a brief look at both the history of the Schuylkill River and its current value to and impact on its residents and visitors; “Trip Planner” (12 pages) is a section-by-section narrative and photographic overview that describes the “personality” of each section of the water trail; “Have a Safe Trip” (4 pages) is a thorough primer on the safety issues and hazards of paddling the Schuylkill River and others like it; and “Field Guide” (2-1/3 pages) celebrates the rebirth of this nearly-dead river with photos and illustrations of the biodiversity that once-again thrives here. 
• Glued, dimensional pocket on inside-back cover holds the 18 maps.
• Velcro-tab closures “lock” maps in place when not in use.  
Pocket on inside back cover holds the 18 maps
The 18 Tri-Fold Maps:
• 20.125” wide x 12” high (fully-opened); 6.75” x 12” high (when folded into 3 panels)
Tri-fold maps include points of interest, section maps and waypoints
• “Smell the Roses” pages (left panel): Text, photos, illustrations, and contact/visitor information are provided for select points-of-interest in each section. “Sidebars” tell the stories that have shaped the Schuylkill River watershed and beyond.  
• Section Maps (center panel): Features include Landings; Rapids; Route Guidance; River Miles; Cautions; Portages; Tributaries; Bridges; Dams/Dam Remnants; Compass/Flow Arrows; Highways/Roads/Streets; “Shuttle Roads;” USGS Gauges; Hospitals/Urgent Care; Hiking/Multi-Purpose Trails; Points-of-Interest; Parking; Restrooms; Drinking Water; Picnic facilities; Food/Grocery/Restaurant services; Lodging; ATMs; Canoe/Kayak Rental; 3D shaded-relief base layer; and much more).    
• Waypoints pages (right panel): These pages include “Section Specs” (River Miles, Travel Time, Skills Rating, “Minimum” and “Good” Water Levels, and relevant USGS Gauges); all the landmarks along the route (Landings, Bridges, Tributaries, etc.); enlarged “action maps” and text guidance through the more difficult river features; and photos, quotes, and illustrations that add to the story of that section of river).
Special Map Features:
• “Paddler-View” Orientation: All maps read from the bottom of the page to the top, regardless of the compass direction of the river’s flow. “North” icons show the map’s compass rotation. “Flow” icons remind the viewer of the upward flow of the river on the maps.
• Scale: 2 inches = 1 mile. Large scale for more river details
• Landing Amenities and Services Boxes: Each Landing has its own box of icons showing the amenities and services within 0.5 mile of landing and/or notes that point out the nearest amenities and services between 0.5 and 5.0 miles away. Also, additional notes share other important landing-related information. 
*Discount is for current Schuylkill River Heritage Area members. Please use discount code srhamember at checkout. Not sure if your membership is up to date? Call us at 484-945-0200.

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  1. I tried to purchase, but TEN DOLLARS extra to ship??? Ever heard of Media Mail? This is an excessive surcharge. Maybe you should just cha he $50 for the book and ship it for free because that would be much more honest.